Ph.D in Music

PhD or Doctor of Music is an advanced Research Degree in music. It is a time bound structured research in the field of music. This course provides in depth research in the chosen research topic.

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Key Information

Salient Features

  • Time-bound structured, music study for a minimum of 3 years and maximum of 6 years on the topic approved by the BRS and DRC.
  • Student has access to the library of Somaiya University, attend lectures and demonstration by renowned masters in the field organized by the Department.
  • Innovative courses in Classical music, for concert performances.(As Recommended in the National Education Policy 2020)


  • This program provides the in-depth knowledge and personalized training in Classical music performance of its various forms and genres. Student gets degree of Doctor of Music.

Why should a student join this programme ?

Learners will be able to acquire the following-

  • The student gets the highest degree in Hindustani classical music and gets in-depth knowledge of and about the chosen research topic.
  • The importance and history of Classical music with practical exposure of its place in daily life.
  • Developing of the skills of appreciation and performances of Classical Vocal and other skilled genres & sub-genres of music.
  • The ability and exposure for music performances as a concert artist.
  • Students get an opportunity to be part of Seminars, Conferences on various specialized topics of Hindustani Classical Music.
  • After completion of PhD course, student becomes a highly qualified expert of music, can teach in university, schools or choose to teach privately. He can also choose to pursue Post Doctoral degree in India or abroad. He can choose to specialize and work freelance elsewhere in the field.

Guide Profile

Dr. Meeta Pandit
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  • Ph.D (Maharishi Dayanand University,Rohtak 2001), Assistant Professor in Music, Maya Somaiya School of Music and Performing Arts
  • Areas: Hindustani Classical, vocal music, Khayal, Tarana, Tappa, Ashtapadi, Pada, Bhajan, Thumri, Gharanas, bandishes, language in bandishes, analytical research, voice culture, methodology of riyaaz, voice issues.
Dr. Rahul Prakash
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  • Ph.D. (University of Delhi, 2021) Assistant Professor (Vocal) Maya Somaiya School of Music & Performing Arts
  • Current Research Areas – Hindustani music, Khayal, Tarana, Compositions of Stalwarts of Hindustani Music, Newly Created Ragas, Seasonal Compositions and Ragas etc.

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