BPA(Music) Taal Vadya

BPA (Taal Vadya) is a four year honours bachelor course. This course provides the basic and theoretical concepts of Taal Vadya , through this programme students will get knowledge about History of Indian Classical Music origin and development of Gharana tradition with Percussion Instrument.


Taal Vadya Includes :


1. Tabla

2. Pakhavaj

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Key Information

Salient Features

  • The programme prepares the student to be a solo performer as well as an accompaniment artist
  • The student will receive personalized (one-to-one) training from the Guru.

Why should a student join this programme ?

  • Indian Music education is passed from generation to generation through the Guru-Shishya Parampara. It is the privilege to imbibe this rich knowledge and to transform it into performance through untiring practice and dedication. Maya Somaiya School of Music and Performing Arts (MSSMPA) brings together the expertise and experience of the accomplished artists (Gurus) with state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate easy transfer of knowledge to our students.
  • Studies have shown that learning music is associated with increasing the concentration span and self-development, which would be beneficial in any professional endeavour.
  • Moreover, for students intending to pursue a career in music, a lot of professional opportunities will open up such as:
    • Concert Performer and accompanist.
    • Music Teacher – Freelance or in institutions.
    • Administrator in music and cultural institutions.
    • Students will become eligible for the Vocational field and will get ample exposure in various fields related to composing, singing, solo performances and private tuitions.


Learners will be able to acquire the following-

  • This program provides the knowledge in-depth and personalized training on the Instrument for solo performance as well as accompaniment to classical music and other genres.
  • If a student chooses to exit after completing and passing Exam of:
    • First Year, the “Certificate” will be awarded for the particular course.
    • Second Year, the “Diploma” will be awarded for the particular course.
    • Third Year, the “Bachelor’s Degree” will be awarded.
    • Fourth Year, the “BA Honors Degree” will be awarded.
    • Fifth Year, the post-graduation “MA Degree” will be awarded.

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