MPA(Music) Swar Vadya

MPA(Swar Vadya) is two years master’s program. This program provides the advanced ideas and concepts of Music (Swar Vadya). Through this program students will get knowledge about Indian Classical music, History of Indian Music, origin and development of Gharana tradition, advanced ragas. Students study aesthetics of raga and of Hindustani Classical Music.

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Key Information

Salient Features

  • Time-bound structured, progressive syllabus for music study.
  • Innovative courses in Classical Vocal music, for concert performances.(As Recommended in the National Education Policy 2020)

Why should a student join this programme?

Learners will be able to acquire the following-

  • Knowledge of advanced information about Classical Vocal music and its various forms and genres.
  • The importance and history of Classical Vocal music with practical exposure of its place in daily life.
  • Developing of the skills of appreciation and performances of Classical Vocal and other skilled genres & sub-genres of music.
  • The ability with skills to better understanding Ragas and compositional elements of songs.
  • The improved knowledge of Raag and Taal used for compositions in classical vocal music.
  • The ability and exposure for music performances as a concert artist.
  • Students get an opportunity to be part of Seminars, Conference on various specialized topics of Hindustani Classical Music.
  • After completion of MA program student can apply for PhD course to do in depth study of Hindustani Classical Music giving him wider opportunity n the field.


Learners will be able to acquire the following-

  • This program provides the knowledge in-depth and personalized training in Classical Vocal music performance of its various forms and genres.
  • Student gets degree of Masters in Swar Vadya.

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